A Prize for Real Life!

You could win a grand prize worth a total of $5,000, including:

  • an RESP ($2,500)
  • family support services ($1,000)
  • a month’s worth of groceries ($1,500)
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Taking education savings to new heights

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Professional Family Coaching

With our Stepping Stone Program, families benefit from tangible tools, advices and solutions to help their children tackle challenges during their schooling.

This exclusive Kaleido advantage is another way we’re here to support you!

Flexible RESPs for Hassle-Free Savings

Kaleido RESPs are all about flexibility. With options for every savings style and budget, finding your perfect fit is easy!

Our flexibility extends all the way to post-secondary education! Withdraw your accumulated funds as and whenever needed, whatever path your child chooses.2

A Smart Investment

Thanks to hefty government grants, your RESP grows fast―almost as fast as your kids!

Whether your child dreams of becoming a physicist or YouTuber, it’s not a problem. At plan maturity, you get back all the money you invested, post-secondary education or not.

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1. Certain conditions apply.

2. See which post-secondary programs are eligible in our prospectus. Certain conditions apply. Subject to the withdrawal limits established under the Income Tax Act (Canada).