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15 Reasons to Say “Thanks, Dad!”

June 13, 2018

Am I a good dad? Well, according to my kids, I deserve the title of “World’s Best Dad” more than anyone else—sorry to all other dads who were in the race! But sometimes, I wonder what it is they see in me that makes me worthy of such a reward―that I humbly accept.

Looking back on my career as a father and projecting myself in the future, I’ve tried to find what events and characteristics make ordinary dads such exceptional beings in the eyes of their beloved children.

So here are some good reasons to say “thanks, dad”!

  1. For waking up in the middle of the night to be mom’s moral support when I was hungry.
  2. For driving around town to help me fall asleep when I had colic.
  3. For mowing the lawn extra slowly so I could follow you with my miniature lawn mower.
  4. For using your dad voice from time to time… and having a calmer, soothing voice for when I was sad.
  5. For letting me paint your nails, put make-up on you and braid your hair.
  6. For repeatedly dancing to Flashdance with me in the living room—even if the neighbours were laughing.
  7. For teaching me a few cooking basics (toasts, cereals and chicken nuggets).
  8. For introducing me to carpentry… and then teaching me how to tend to a saw cut.
  9. For being my #1 fan during my tennis games, my short career as a violinist and my “garage band” phase.
  10. For making mom believe you weren’t worried when I forgot to tell you I’d be home late… VERY late.
  11. For giving me a ride in the early hours without the pep talk.
  12. For being brave enough to let me use your car so I could learn how to drive.
  13. For forgiving me after my first accident… with your car.
  14. For pushing me to challenge myself.
  15. For letting yourself be a child with my own children, who think you are hands down the “World’s Best Grandpa.”

Being a parent is one of the biggest roles I’ll ever play, but it’s not an act—although sometimes it is as intense as an action movie, explosions and high-speed chase included! It’s a full-time role without intermissions. And while I have no need for official titles and trophies, a heartfelt “thank you” from my sweethearts is always welcome.


Jonathan, Kaleido dad