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5 Story Time Favourites for Your Child’s Bookshelf

June 19, 2019

The bedtime story creates a special bonding moment for a parent and child. It is a joy to see your little one engage in the story, ask questions and give way to curiosity and emotions. We all know reading to children at an early age has incredible benefits. In addition to favouring intellectual development, it instills a lifelong love of books and establishes a strong foundation for education.

Here are picture books your little ones will love, from timeless classics to the works of emerging writers.


Love You Forever by Canadian author Robert Munsch chronicles the everyday life experiences of a mother and her son from his youth to adulthood.

Despite the simplicity and humour of the storyline, this book also conveys a profound message about the circle of life, love and parenting throughout the different stages of our lives. The affectionate lullaby sung by the mother to her son is comforting to children, but may leave a few parents teary-eyed at the end of the book… in a good way.


Nibbles: The Book Monster is a friendly yellow monster who has nibbled his way out of his own book and is now wandering through classic fairy tales, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood… where he causes mayhem and changes the stories!

This fabulous, interactive book, which contains other books – and holes! –, will certainly captivate your children. Hurry up, turn the pages to stop this little monster from eating everything!


Create your own stories with Moulin Roty’s Bedtime Stories Storybook Torch. It’s simple: you use a torch instead of a book! At bedtime, cuddle up with your child, dim the lights, project the images on a wall or the ceiling, and watch your little one marvel as the colourful images go by. The possibilities are endless; you can tell thousands of stories! This torch is a really simple way for children to let their imagination run wild; they may even ask to tell the story themselves!


Press Here is an interactive touch book with instructions that lead children on a delightful journey, from pushing dots to shaking or tilting the book for a surprising outcome on the next page!

Children will be over the moon as the dots multiply, change direction, and grow in size! This entire adventure occurs on a flat surface with vibrant colours. The whole concept is simple and efficient, as it stimulates memory, colour recognition, imagination―and the sheer fun of it all is sure to draw many smiles and giggles from your little ones!


Big Bear Hug by author Nicholas Oldland is a favourite with Canadians. This is the story of an endearing bear who loves to hug all living things, but trees are the apple of his eye. The bear will tackle an important challenge when he comes across someone that would harm the trees he loves so much.

The book’s quick and witty storyline is sufficient to engage young children, while conveying a powerful environmental message and preaching a lesson in self-control and conflict resolution. In sum, this book is sure to please the tree hugger in all of us!

So, which book will you be reading to your child tonight?