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6 Budget-Friendly Birthday Themes for At-Home Parties

Isabelle Lessard blogger for Kaleido

Written by: Isabelle Lessard

April 30, 2018

Many parents choose to throw birthday parties for their kids outside the house, and while this choice often proves to be as practical as it is fun, these parties can be expensive! These will usually set you back at least $200, and that’s not always a sum parents can afford… So let me introduce you to some fun, hassle-free birthday themes to celebrate your child’s special day from the comfort of your home!

  • The first disco: We did this for my oldest on her 6th It’s usually around that age that they can start having friends over in the evening, and this aspect alone is sure to make your party a success! We kicked it off with a piñata and then we dimmed the lights, cranked up the music and revealed dozens of glowing balloons that quickly set the party mood! All the kids danced and played themselves to exhaustion!
  • The little chefs party: No need for a degree in the culinary arts to cook with your kids! First option: have them make their own pizzas, and keep it simple. Use tortillas for the crust, prepare a variety of toppings for them to choose from (tomato sauce, cold meats, grated cheese, diced peppers, etc.) and put their pizzas in the oven for a few minutes. Second option: bake some cupcakes. There are tons of easy recipes to choose from on the Internet, so pick one and don’t forget that the best part is topping their pastries with icing and candy decorations, so make sure you have a lot! And if you are planning on serving a birthday cake as well, the kids will be able to bring their cupcakes home… if there are any left!
  • The movie party: The movie can be part of the birthday celebration—you might welcome the break from the animation—but you’ll see, it’s quite easy to build around this theme! For example, you could print some pictures of the characters for the little artists to colour, or you could build your very own “pin the tail” game using an image from the movie; blindfold the kids, give them the missing part of the picture to pin and you’re all set. Once you’re done, start the movie and don’t forget that you’ll need popcorn… lots of it!
  • The playdough celebration: Making your own playdough is easy and the kids will definitely be proud of their creation and of how dirty they’ll be! Protect your table from food colouring with a plastic tablecloth, and don’t worry if their little hands are still stained after a few hours!
  • The treasure hunt: I can say from experience that between 4 and 10 years old, the popularity of treasure hunts is still at its peak! But this type of party certainly requires at least a night’s reflection to come up with the clues. Remember that the kids should have to think to find the answer, because easy clues could shorten the hunt! You could even add an extra challenge and send them outside! In the end, however, know that you don’t have to hide surprises with all your clues: each hideout can contain a clue to the next, until the last one indicates the location of a “treasure chest” full of goodies. And why not use this as a starter to another activity by adding bingo cards to the chest, for example?
  • The slumber party: For this one, make sure you don’t end up like me and do this with 8 kids, because I can tell you the night was short! Having 2 or 3 friends over is quite enough for the evening to be fun. Be sure to mention that your guests should eat before coming over and serve the cake when they arrive to make sure the sugar rush kicks in well before their bedtime. Next, plan an activity to get them moving so they tire themselves out, like a game of Twister. Finally, set up some mattresses and sleeping bags in the living room or basement so everyone can be together, and be patient: you will probably hear them giggling until at least 11 p.m.!

Add cake and presents to each of these themes and you’ll easily keep your little ones busy for at least 2 or 3 hours, which is more than enough to create fun, memorable birthday parties!