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Creating a Productive Workspace for your Teen

Succès Scolaire blogger for Kaleido

Written by: Succès Scolaire

August 8, 2017

Our teenagers’ workspace influences their performance in school, and there’s no denying it. For example, doing homework while crashed on a couch and watching TV or on a bed with music blaring in the background might be enjoyable, but it sure is not productive. Here a few suggestions on how to create an appropriate work area for your kids.

Give them privacy and independence

As they grow older, your children require a lot less supervision, but their need for independence and privacy increases. Their bedroom offers them both, which is why it is the best place to set up their work area.

Don’t overspend

There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to building a productive workspace: all your teenagers really need is a desk that is big enough to fit everything they need to work, a comfortable chair and good lighting.

The latter is particularly important, as reading in a poorly lighted environment strains your eyes and can damage them. If possible, put their desk near a window and add a lamp for proper lighting at night; it should be placed on the left if the teen is right-handed, and on the right if he or she is left-handed.

There should be enough space on the desk to keep all essentials at arm's length, i.e. dictionaries, a grammar book, pencils, highlighters, textbooks, etc.

Limit distractions

Whether they are studying or doing homework, children need to concentrate, so videogames, tablets, televisions, phones or music should always be turned off, the only exception being classical or instrumental music, which isn’t as disruptive.

Is clutter accumulating on their workspace? Ask them to put aside everything that could distract them, such as magazines, pictures, lipstick, baseball gloves, etc. As for their computer, if they have one, request that they shut it down if they don’t need it: this way, the temptation won’t be as big.

In the end, a calm, organized workspace is sure to have a positive impact on your child’s motivation and concentration. And why not take the end of the summer to put together a workspace that meets your teenager’s needs? This is sure to help them start the year on the right note.