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Do you need homework assistance?

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Written by: Kaleido

September 30, 2013

Is homework time a tension-filled event for your family? Are you struggling finding ways to help your child stay focused with school homework? Are you experiencing difficulty teaching some math to your eldest when these skills seem to have gone down the drain?

Have you considered Allô prof? We are a proud partner of this organization which is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year. In addition to providing free schoolwork assistance (in French only) to all children, thanks to a telephone service operated by a team of qualified teachers, the organization offers virtual learning and forums. The organization’s website includes a wide variety of pedagogical tools and educational games designed to help children learning while having fun.

All of these tools are aimed at elementary school children and students from the secondary level. They are completely free! So why go without?

Teachers are available to handle queries between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. (Monday to Thursday) and may be contacted at the following numbers:
Montreal: (514) 527-3726
Elsewhere in Quebec: 1 888 776-4455