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Making Songs Part of your Child’s Routine

Nanny secours blogger for Kaleido

Written by: Nanny Secours

February 12, 2016

Once it becomes a habit, singing makes boring responsibilities more enjoyable for your little ones. What’s more, it could also make the difference between a chore and a pleasant task. You’ll be surprised by how happy and proud it can make your child!

Tips for a motivating and lively song:

  • Create a new song together;
  • Go for a catchy tune you and your kid already know and love;
  • Personalize your song by adding your child’s name;
  • Add some gestures to the lyrics;
  • Play with the tones and intonations;
  • Adapt the rhythm of your song to the speed of your kid (he or she will probably try to make you go faster);
  • Be positive and dynamic;
  • Don’t do your kid’s task;
  • Ask your child’s daycare teacher what nursery rhymes are used during the day to get ideas from what your kid already knows;
  • Remember to set the example: sing with your child!

In the end, you can make everyday situations like putting away the toys, cleaning your hands, brushing your teeth, taking a bath, dressing up and leaving for daycare much more entertaining for your little one! In addition to creating a routine, you also make these tasks feel less like a burden! Your child will now see them like a fun time, and will complete his or her tasks a lot faster… in the time it takes to sing a song!

Mélissa Houle, At-home Educator
Member of the Nanny Secours network