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Thank You for Being Part of My Life

February 12, 2019

Most couples will recognize themselves in one or other of the following statements (if not all):

“We didn’t have it easy. We didn’t always agree. We had to compromise. We faced hardships together, dealt with emotional rollercoaster rides and sometimes got on each other’s nerves. But in the end, we’ve always been there for one another.”

Now is the time to say THANK YOU to the person sharing your life. Focus on the good times rather than the bad. Happiness is a choice, people say, so let’s choose to focus on the positive and appreciate everything the other person brings to our life.

On a Daily Basis

After a long and tiring day, we tend to focus on the small details that annoy us… A pair of socks lying next to the laundry basket, long hair in the shower, an empty carton of milk in the fridge, or crumbs littering the kitchen table. “Grrr!” And yet…

You would miss all these small annoyances if, one day, the one causing them wasn’t part of your life anymore. So take a moment to grumble, then let it go and move on. There are much more important things in life worth caring about.


Let’s not forget what we love about the other person; what made us fall in love in the first place: their smile, voice, attitude, eyes, personality, intelligence, etc. Let’s remember all the reasons that made us want to commit to each other. This love that brought us together evolved over time, and it’s perfect that way!


Whether we’re two, four or more… we are a family, with a strong, unique core.

Together, we are a home where we can be at ease. Our other half is a source of emotional (and sometimes physical) support, a friend, someone to confide in. Our other half is our compass, the rock on which we can rely and who keeps us on track―and make us a better person overall.

Life’s Challenges

The daily annoyances don’t measure up to the unforgettable moments we shared: our better half supports us when in doubt and going through hard times, they give us advice or make us laugh to play down an upsetting situation. We grow together through hardships, both supporting and encouraging the other. We become stronger together. We balance each other out.

Its important to remember the soothing words and gestures, the welcoming arms, the simple moments of happiness we share. Because these are the moments that truly matter.




Thank You

Let’s go back to basics and remember what brought us together. Let’s take the time to tell our life partner: thank you for being there for me. Thank you for supporting me—in every sense of the word. Thank you for sharing my life.

Now, it’s my turn to thank the man in my life, who stood by my side in sickness and grief, who gave me the most adorable child, who makes me laugh every day, and endured me all these years.