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The Final Stretch of the Year

Succès Scolaire blogger for Kaleido

Written by: Succès Scolaire

May 9, 2016

There it is: the days are getting longer, which means the end of the year is near. But how can you keep your children motivated until the end of June? If they’re failing a class, how you can you help them get back up? Here’s what you can do.

When our motivation leaves us

Let’s face it: as soon as the days get nicer and sunnier, we all start longing for the hot summer that seems to be taking its time… especially if we didn’t have the chance to leave and soak up some sun during winter. And I tip my hat to anyone who never went through one of those moments when all motivation just vanishes!

Well, it’s the same for kids. Of course, spring break makes things better for a while. But I bet that in a few weeks’ time, as the hot days become more and more common, their motivation will go crumbling down. Still, now’s not the time to give up, as the most important exams of the year are yet to come! Your role now is to be their motivator.

1. Wish list

Ask your kids to list everything they’d like to do instead of studying or doing their homework. It may be to visit grandpa’s cabin, to bake a chocolate cake, to go shopping with their best friend or to ride their bike. Make them write down ten activities, so they’ll have to use a little creativity. Why make this list? Because it will remind them that after all those efforts, there will be plenty of rewards.

2. Add some craziness

Read their notes with a british, spanish or russian accent. Play an online game and review their verb tenses. Write down vocabulary words using coloured pencils or paper. Making study time more interesting also makes it more motivating!

From failing classes to succeeding

Is your child failing a class or two? Don’t panic: there’s still enough time to catch up. To do so, you’ll need a game plan.

Step 1: define clear objectives

Sit down with your children and set some objectives you want to reach. It’s important for these goals to be realistic.

Step 2: come up with a plan

How can your kids reach their objectives? The answer to this question depends on their weak points. Still, here are a few ideas of what they could try:
• Study for an hour every day;
• Study in the library during lunch time when they don’t have any extracurricular activities;
• Rewrite their notes or make flashcards that summarize the important information;
• Read their notes aloud;
• Create a Q&A and have someone quiz them;
Hire a tutor (a useful investment if you feel a little overwhelmed).

Step 3: leave the bad habits behind

It’s never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle: limit the distractions during homework time, eat well, allow some time every day for physical activity, sleep enough…

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