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The Good Side of a New School Year!

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Written by: Kaleido

August 26, 2015

Let’s clash a little from the many recent articles that focus on back-to-school costs, the stress that comes with a new schedule and heavy September traffic, or even the sad end of the summer break. Here are five silver linings to help make the back-to-school transition smooth and positive!

Going back to your daily routine... it’s not all bad!

We all love our children and are happy to spend quality time with them and entertain them all summer. However, after hearing “Are we there yet?” “What are we doing today?” and the classic “I’m bored!” all summer long, the start of the new school year can be appealing. Children get back to a more stable routine (both essential and comforting), reunite with their friends and resume their much-loved extracurricular activities. As for parents, this means going back to work, more talk with adults and peers, the pursuit of professional ambitions and, who knows, maybe even little more “you time.”

The perfect opportunity to resume good habits

A new school year often feels a little like the New Year: a fresh start! It’s the perfect time to make some resolutions and resume healthy lifestyle habits (often neglected during the summer break). No more fast food, time to plan your weekly meals and making those nutritious home-cooked meals. No more idle afternoons sunbathing (for those who were so lucky), time to get back into shape! Spinning class, speed walking, jogging, etc., whatever your thing is, all that matters is that you enjoy it, plain and simple!

Pamper yourself too!

The new school year is not an experience exclusive to children; parents go through it to! Whether it’s a stylish haircut, a facial, or going on a shopping spree, September is the perfect time for a makeover to give your self-esteem that extra boost! During the summer break we tend to let ourselves go, and a little upgrading is a simple pleasure that enhances the going back to work experience.

Enjoy the Indian summer

Because not everyone got the chance to enjoy some outdoor time or the summer didn’t quite meet the sunny-days quota, it’s important to stay optimistic and to think of those September heat waves! Take advantage of the Indian summer to enjoy some extra outdoor living and poolside afternoons with your family. You can also host another barbecue or a happy hour on your favourite terrace, or take this opportunity to throw an annual back-to-school party to make the start of the new school year something to look forward to.

Readjust your budget

The costs of the summer vacation can certainly add up. Traveling, camping weekends, special outings or restaurants and all those little extras most likely hurt your wallet. After all the summer spending, it’s time to regain control of your budget! This means packing lunches for the whole family and fewer nights out (prioritize those work, homework and bedtime routines). Basically, limit your spending to what’s necessary and not what’s wanted. As for the tuition and education expenses of your teenager starting a post-secondary education, no worries, the funds from the RESP you set up years ago will come in handy!

In sum, although September brings its lot of stress, there’s always a way to make the best of it by seeing the good side of things.