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Kaleido publishes first sustainable investment report

May 10, 2022

After adopting and implementing its Sustainable Investment Policy in 2020, Kaleido today released its first accountability report on the integration of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria into its operations. The report, which is part of a framework of sound governance and transparency, conveys the company’s vision, goals, and achievements in this regard in 2021. It is in line with a long-term approach that Kaleido intends to diligently pursue every year.

Kaleido believes that disclosing accurate and complete information on the results of its sustainable investment approach is essential. The release of this report is a testament to its commitment and a formal opportunity to maintain an ongoing dialogue with its portfolio managers in the aim of continuously improving its investment practices.

As the report shows, Kaleido met several sustainable investment goals in 2021. Here is a summary of those achievements as at December 31:

  • 100% of assets were managed by portfolio management firms that are signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).
  • 5% of assets held in all bond portfolios were invested in green bonds.
  • Bond portfolios held twice as many green bonds compared to the end of 2020.
  • On average, the carbon intensity of Kaleido’s portfolios (in tonnes of CO2 emissions/million dollars of revenue) was 87 tonnes lower than the respective benchmarks.
  • 66 dialogues were conducted with executives of companies held in the portfolio regarding their ESG practices.
  • Kaleido’s voting rights were exercised by its portfolio managers at 165 shareholder meetings.

Kaleido believes that issuers who consider ESG factors in their management decisions are generally better positioned to manage risk, demonstrate resilience in times of crisis, and generate long-term returns. Since saving for post-secondary education is a long-term, future-oriented endeavour, Kaleido believes a sustainable investment approach is entirely compatible with its goals and its clients’ investment horizon. That is why it has made sustainable investing the central pillar of its investment approach. Bolstered by its progress, Kaleido intends to continue building a more sustainable future for the next generation.


Read the PDF version of Kaleido's 2021 Sustainable Investment Report



Patrick Pedneault
Media Relations