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Kaleido appoints new Vice President, Chief Investment Officer

November 21, 2022

Isabelle Grenier, President and CEO of Kaleido Growth, is proud to announce that Jean-Stéphane Parent joined the company as Vice-President, Chief Investment Officer, on November 14.

With extensive experience in banking, financial services and wealth management, and recognized by his peers as a strategic leader and visionary, Mr. Parent is sure to take his sector to new heights in cooperation with his team of professionals and the management team.

As Vice-President, Chief Investment Officer, he will be responsible for investment policies and investment strategy, including sustainable investment policy.

We are pleased to have Mr. Parent at Kaleido, and we are confident that he will contribute to the organization’s mission of helping every child reach his or her full potential by supporting his or her journey to build the society of tomorrow.

The Kaleido Growth team sincerely wishes him every success!

About Kaleido

Kaleido supports families in Quebec and New Brunswick in helping their children reach their full potential. Nearly 200 employees and representatives are dedicated to offering education savings and family support solutions that will be a springboard for our young people as they build the society of the future.

As a pioneer in education savings since 1964, Kaleido has made over $1 billion in educational assistance payments and savings repayments to more than 240,000 young people, and it has nearly $1.8 billion in assets under management.