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New Vice-President, Operational Performance and Technology at Kaleido

January 22, 2021

President and CEO Isabelle Grenier along with the entire Kaleido Growth team are pleased to announce the appointment of Jean-François Turgeon as Vice-President, Operational Performance and Technology.

Before joining Kaleido Growth, Turgeon brilliantly met several challenges within renowned IT companies and public organizations. He has been with Kaleido for 8 years now, first as a consultant for two years before officially joining the team in 2015 as Supervisor of Architecture. He was later on appointed as Director, Innovation and IT.

Turgeon’s strategic role will allow Kaleido to accelerate its strategic and technological development. To pursue the organization’s digital shift and prioritize customer experience, Turgeon will be responsible for the continuous improvement of business processes. The Vice-President, Operational Performance and Technology, oversees the Customer Solutions, IT, Business Intelligence and Project Management teams.

Turgeon has always been driven by the will to improve business, work and systems processes. A self-taught computer scientist, he was first trained in geomatics. Turgeon is an inspiring manager who likes to get people to work together and who is appreciated for his leadership and involvement in developing the skills of those around him.

Turgeon’s appointment to senior management is a great asset and contributes to the organization’s mission: help each child achieve their full potential by accompanying them on their journey towards imagining a brighter future.

Everyone at Kaleido Growth sincerely wishes him great success!

Read the announcement of Jean-François Turgeon’s appointment in the newspaper Les Affaires.

Jean-François Turgeon