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RESP: A Gift That Imparts Values

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December 2, 2019

The Holiday season is coming up fast and you’ve got a long list of gifts to find.

You may be lacking imagination for your niece ... what toys is she into these days? She would probably like the latest Marshall or Skye action figure... unless she already has it? Or maybe it's your mom who keeps asking you what she could get for your little one?

Finding the perfect gift for everyone always seems like a tall order.

Have You Considered the RESP?

There’s a ton of great reasons to gift an RESP. For starters, it’s an investment for the future of a child dear to you! It’s kind of like offering knowledge. Thanks to the RESP, children can pursue the education of their choice and build a brighter future for themselves.

The RESP is also a good source of motivation to encourage the pursuit of post-secondary education. The 2019 Education Savings Barometer found that for 70% of the 18- to 24-year-olds surveyed who had an RESP, these funds were a decisive incentive.

Plus, offering an RESP is a great way to impart your values. It’s a way to say “Your education is important to me”, “I’m helping prepare your future”, and “I want you to be happy”. It’s a gesture that speaks volumes in showing that saving is essential, as is planning ahead for life’s milestones. If you’re giving the RESP to a child old enough to understand, this is a golden opportunity to open the conversation on your values.

Finally, few gifts actually increase in value over the years, but that’s exactly what the RESP does! It will grow thanks to the government grants it attracts and the income it generates.

Doesn’t Feel Tangible Enough?

When it comes to giving a gift to a child, we’re often torn between wanting to spoil and wanting to give something meaningful. If the child is very young, you might feel that the RESP will seem like a vague concept that won’t be understood. And you’d be right… but there’s still a way to combine fun and values!

You can always keep part of your budget to offer a book, building blocks or other toys that favour child development. This makes a nice gift combo to gain skills while having fun.

Options to Gift an RESP

There are several ways to go about it.

The first is to open an RESP. You can choose to make a single or regular contributions. For instance, as a gift, you could start with a single contribution without any commitment and decide to add more later on. That’s the beauty of a flexible RESP. Or, you could also decide to contribute a small amount monthly for a given period. It all depends on your budget and the way you want to contribute to the child’s future.

If you prefer to let the child’s parents manage the RESP, you can also offer a gift certificate. If they already have an RESP, they will simply be able to add your gift to their account. Otherwise, they can choose to open a plan and select the option that works for them.


Want to gift an RESP?

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