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Futur proche—A New Podcast About Career Exploration for Teenagers Aged 14 to 18

October 14, 2021

Kaleido is announcing the launch of its new podcast Futur proche, which counts eight episodes and aims to guide and support teenagers aged 14 to 18 who have questions about their future career. Hosted by Valérie Chevalier, each 20-minute episode introduces a young adult who is wondering about his or her future job and a professional with an inspiring journey. A guidance counsellor then suggests career options that correspond to the young person’s values and interests.

“Teenagers need tools to help them make decisions about their future career,” says host Valérie Chevalier. “Many don’t know which classes to take, what job to aim for, or which fields best correspond to their skill set. This series aims to give them confidence and show them that there are many possible paths!”

The Kaleido Foundation, industry leader in education savings, wishes with this podcast to provide young people with practical support to explore non-traditional career paths and open their minds to professional opportunities.

“Helping each child achieve their full potential is at the heart of our mission and, beyond education savings, it’s important for us to be present during this transition period, when young people have to make choices about their future that are often difficult,” says Isabelle Grenier, President and CEO of Kaleido.

The podcast is presented in collaboration with Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation du Québec and counts eight 20-minute episodes:

  • Planning in ActionCombining brains and brawn: Valérie Chevalier talks with Léo-Félix, who is studying to be a refrigeration technician, and meets Virginie Morin, a construction project manager. Listen to this episode >>

  • Believing in Your GoalPerseverance, commitment, and a thirst for knowledge: Valérie Chevalier talks with neurologist Lahoud Touma about the challenges he faced when studying medicine and the obligations and responsibilities that come with it. Listen to this episode >>

  • Making Numbers Work for PeopleFinance isn’t always what you think: Valérie Chevalier talks with insurance expert Lydia Martin about numbers and technology, and the multiple career opportunities those interests can lead to. Listen to this episode >>

  • Finding Your NicheA passion for helping others and teaching: Valérie Chevalier chats with Philippe Trottier, an elementary school teacher who explains that finding your niche may take time, but it’s worth it, and that by being down to earth, you can achieve your full potential. Listen to this episode >>

  • Making Business a Way of Life—Combining entrepreneurship with a love of the land and animals: Valérie Chevalier talks with farmer and entrepreneur Alex Loiselle, who runs a vegetable and dairy farm and sells local products at his farm stand. Listen to this episode >>

  • Reaching for the StarsYour love of science can take you far: Valérie Chevalier chats with Julia, a science student interested in biology, health, and astronomy, and Nathalie Ouellette, an astrophysicist and science communicator. Listen to this episode >>

  • Going FarSaving lives from the sky: Valérie Chevalier talks with Nadhem Benhaj who had to believe in himself and be smart about reaching his goal of becoming an air ambulance pilot. Listen to this episode >>

  • Changing the WorldProtecting communities and the environment: Valérie Chevalier talks to Geneviève Paul, a professional lawyer who studied international law and has traveled the world defending the rights of communities. Listen to this episode >>

The episodes, produced in collaboration with Coyote Audio, are available now to listen to or download at and on podcast apps like Apple, Google and Spotify. Listen to the trailer - French only -