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The second season of the Futur proche podcast is available

September 29, 2022

Inspiring, practical career choice assistance for 14- to 18-year-olds

Continuing its goal of supporting families and young people who are wondering about their future careers, Kaleido is pleased to announce the release of Season 2 of “Futur proche,” a podcast of eight new 20-minute episodes led by actress, author and host Valérie Chevalier. Available now on all streaming platforms and directed by Nathalie Ducharme, the podcast is presented in collaboration with Academos and the Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation du Québec.

For Kaleido, a pioneer in education savings, realizing every child’s full potential is a key objective, and this podcast will provide inspiring, practical assistance for young people interested in exploring non-traditional career choices and will open their minds to the field of employment opportunities.

Through each episode in this new season, Valérie Chevalier talks with young people pondering their future employment and meets with inspiring professionals who are working in their dream jobs. Then, together with guidance counselor Josianne Grenier-Genest, Valérie reviews and explores various occupations to help young people choose one that matches their values and interests.

“In this series, we try to give young people confidence and show them that there is a huge range of possibilities!” – Valérie Chevalier

Are you a nature lover, interested in helping others, a manager at heart, allergic to routine, keen to learn? Take a look at various jobs that match these values and interests and get an overview of the eight new episodes about people who have exciting jobs. -The trailer and the podcasts are in French.-



If you care about the health of animals, large or small, and you like manual work, there are many avenues open to you, as Animal Health Technician Dinnia Millette can attest. Listen to the episode >>


It takes openness and curiosity to help manage humanitarian crises. CÉGEP student Asal wonders about the pathways for getting a job in community assistance, and Valérie talks to Humanitarian Coordinator Céline Füry. Listen to the episode >>


Are interpersonal relations really important to you? Student Assia talks about wanting to interact with people and encourage collaboration, and Recruitment and Integration Manager Émilie Sauvé explains how she goes about finding employees all over the world. Listen to the episode >>


Do you like change and dealing with the unexpected? Valérie talks to Megan, a media arts and technology student, and Jonathan Côté, a communications team leader, who explains how he puts his creativity and curiosity to work for his company and what his daily routine is like. Listen to the episode >>


Sometimes changing careers can help you find your way. Karine Grondin is passionate about caring for others and explains how hospital work is full of opportunities. A respiratory therapist, she recounts how switching careers led her to an occupation she finds fulfilling. Listen to the episode >>


If you want to solve social problems, community service may be for you. Valérie discusses equity and justice with a student named Selma and then visits police officer Nithra Antonito to talk about prevention and serving the public. Listen to the episode >>


Changing the world takes perseverance. We meet student William, who wants to create a greener world, and Julien Paquette, who works on a greener future every day at Lion Electric. They talk about engineering, academic achievement and working hard. Listen to the episode >>


Paying attention to detail and thinking big: you can do both. Cabinetmaker Jean-François Asselin builds his company’s projects with his own hands. He talks about perseverance and having fun. Valérie also chats with Vincent, a student who would like to find a job that will keep him active! Listen to the episode >>


The eight new episodes and the eight Season 1 episodes, produced in collaboration with Coyote Audio, are available for listening and downloading at and on all streaming platforms. Listen to the trailer >>

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